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Gail has authored a chapter in Pebbles in the Pond, Wave 3, entitled, Let the Magic Begin: Follow Your Heart. This life changing, transformational book is published by The Transformation Catalyst, Christine Kloser, and features inspirational stories from authors around the world, including Lisa Nichols and SARK. Other authors include: Andrea Rockstein-Ahrens, Candace Asher, Kaylan Daane, Lynn Finley, Lara Homans, Linda Hyden, Nisha Jackson, Zemirah Jazwierska, NuLuv Jones, Tiffany Kane, David Kloser, Charlotte Lawrence, Jacqueline Lawrence, Char “Mama Char” Leonard, Dinah Lin, Norie A. Marfil, Sabrina Martinez, Sharon Matthias, Carin Rockind, Melissa Rowe, and Shalini Joshi Yamdagni.

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Gail is a coauthor of Parian Chronicles: Foreign Affairs with a Greek Island which is also available on Amazon. This is a collection of personal stories about the writers’ early days living on the Greek island of Paros. Most arrived from four continents during the 1960’s, 70’s and 80”s.  This collection allows you to glimpse what life on Paros was like before modernization and mass tourism.  These are love stories that pay homage to Paros and her people. Other authors include: Gregorio Altamirano, Mary Bilz & Bert Jones, Fionnuala Brennan, Robin Brown, Charlotte Carlin, Patricia Donnelly, Annelize Goedbloed, Deirdre Grieve, Irene Grootendorst, Sabine Grootendorst, Phillada Lecomte, Jean Polyzoides, Suzanne Rolland, Alexandra Senfft, and Florence Tamburro.Amazon buy graphic



Gail has a new book, Resilient Heart: Transcending the Death of Your Loved One which is also available on Amazon.Take a Deep Breath! You WILL Get Through This! There is Comfort, Support, and Hope for Your Shattered Heart.

The death of your loved one has left you reeling, lost, and disoriented. Take my hand: I’ve walked this treacherous journey myself and within the pages of this book I will light your way and give you hope to survive this devastation.

Through reading Resilient Heart® you will learn how to:

• Navigate grief with knowledge, practical tips, and compassionate guidance • Alleviate the raw pain of your amplified emotions and difficult thoughts • Heal by expressing and honoring your loss and your loved one • Empower yourself by taking action to get out of the abyss • Find your way again and piece yourself and your life back together • Live wholeheartedly, not merely going through the motions

In Resilient Heart®, international bestselling author Gail Saunders shares her wealth of experience, hope, wisdom, and love from her heart so that readers can find the answers they are seeking to survive the trauma of grief.

“Gail has the ability to express all sides of life and death. Through tears and laughter, her grace, spirituality, and courage shine through. She is quite remarkable in how she grew through her own mourning experience after the death of her beloved husband Frank. Now she sensitively guides others to do the same. This book is both inspirational and transformational.”~ Russell L. McIntyre, Th.D., Professor of Medical Ethics, Rutgers University, NJ, Ordained Lutheran Clergyman.

“Gail is a trailblazer in the transformation of grief. I’ve worked with grievers for more than twenty-five years and no one has mourned more creatively, soulfully, and completely. I encouraged her to write a book to inspire others.” ~ Marilyn Grosboll, Grief and Transition Coach