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Welcome to my website Resilient Heart™. Let it be our bridge to getting to know one another. I am a transformational author of several bestselling books, a global resilience catalyst and life coach, speaker, workshop facilitator and I lead Resilient Heart Soul Safaris to Africa and Greece. See Services page.

You have arrived at the right place if you desire inspiration, guidance and support as you navigate a change in your life. Life is a tapestry of change but the changes vary in size and impact. Some are major crossroads and turning points on your journey. Some new directions are abrupt and not designed by choice while others you orchestrate. How do you stay balanced during the transition and keep your self-esteem bolstered, your spirits up and cope with the inevitable stress? Don’t let life’s events hijack your spirit! Reclaim your authentic self and live aligned to what is right for you.

You may have come to my site because you are faced with the death of a loved one and you are seeking assistance to integrate the huge loss. Perhaps you are grieving another type of loss such as health, your job or a relationship and you are floundering. You might have recently retired or your last child has moved out and this is a tougher adjustment than you imagined and some ease, grace as well as direction sounds good.

I am known as the Resilience Catalyst and I guide you to connect to your resilience. I have weathered and rebounded from more change than most people are dealt in a lifetime. I have grieved the death of my husband at 51, my parents and friends. I have adjusted to moving to 15 states and three continents and attending 25 schools and universities. I learned to accept and integrate the knowledge that I couldn’t have children. I have lost several financial investments. I experienced my father losing his job while I was in college and my sister in high school. I have enjoyed five careers. After all that I am happy to say I live a rich, full and joyful life that is filled with purpose and service. I can help you to be able to say the same no matter what your current circumstances might be.

Close your eyes and dare to envision your greatest life. If you don’t know how to get there from where you are today or you don’t even know what is possible you too have landed right where you need to be. If you immediately are bombarded with limiting programming or thinking at the thought of change, I can help. You can develop courage to overcome any fears. Perhaps tweaking one aspect of your life will bring more meaning to your life. Learn to be audacious and forge the life of your dreams or even beyond what you currently can imagine. Let me kindle your fertile imagination and watch it unfurl. In your twilight years don’t you want to look back and be able to say, “Wow, what a life I have created and lived!”You might love the path you are on but want to feel more joy. I can help you cultivate inner happiness and contentment

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